Next generation polyethelene

Exceptional technical and mechanical properties – fully recyclable PE with high optical clarity, stiffness and heat resistance.


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Developed from Dow’s exclusive technology, TF-BOPE film, part of the INNATEā„¢ Precision Packaging Resin family.

Optical properties offer transparency and glossiness far exceeding those of traditional PE products.

Key properties

  • Up to 80% less haze
  • 2 x impact strength
  • 3 x puncture resistance
  • 3 x tensile strength
  • 2 x tensile modulus


TF-BOPE material has excellent flex cracking resistance, which sustains great tenacity even under low temperature.

All of these qualities deliver a big leap in performance compared to traditional PE product.


Biaxially Oriented Polyethelene film


Flatness, clarity and stiffness characteristics of stenter film process, with PE structure for use within the lamination.

Key properties

  • Reduce the thickness of sealant web by up to 50% and achieve the same sealing performance criteria
  • High web strength and even web flatness enables high speed lamination and form fill seal operation
  • Excellent mechanical properties for reduction in film thickness, replacing BOPA (biaxially oriented polyamide) and other polymers in abuse layers for packaging
  • Excellent optical performance and print ability film can be used directly as the printed layer of the packaging, surface and reverse printing
  • Combined with PE functional layers, PSFPE-L supports packaging with ALL PE structure, providing convenience for recycling and a sustainable packaging solution
  • PSFPE-L film is easy to tear, for convenience in usage


Fully recyclable with performance characteristics allowing use as an alternative to BOPP and CPP for flow wrap and VFFS.

Key properties

  • Increased heat resistance, clarity and stiffness compared to conventional blown PE materials
  • Market leading optical performance
  • Excellent print ability
  • Advanced manufacturing and polymer technologies provide material characteristics not exhibited through conventional PE-blown production.



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“A safer, more environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solution.”

Orders, samples and trials

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