Our export growth strategies span market entry/diversification and brand development to support growth.

“Market voice and reaction is subtle. It informs our direction, bringing inspiration and opportunities in new markets.”

Managing speed to market, maximising returns on investment and developing brand equity are key to evolution of our strategies.

To leverage your strength, realise opportunities and deliver against objectives, our export development team delivers:

  • Market analysis
  • Market access
  • Brand awareness
  • Digital strategy
  • Investment decision support
  • Implementation.


Our export strategies - at a glance

Market analysis

Realise your strength and values through clarity of vision

We help with
  • Research, data analysis and market insights
  • Product benchmarking (service or market based)
  • Performance auditing
  • Pricing analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Customer profiling.

Market access

Managed growth, brand integrity and strategy alignment

We help with
  • Market entry and growth roadmaps
  • Channel specific strategies
  • Prospecting and business development
  • Market testing
  • Due diligence and commercial negotiations
  • Brand integrity (intellectual property protection, supply chain assessment and risk management).

Brand awareness

Unique propositions, purposeful communications and consolidated loyalty

We help with
  • Brand implementation (meaning and focus)
  • Product merchandising
  • Integrated digital strategy and implementation
  • Trade event and exhibition support.

Digital strategy

Alignment of digital presence

We help with
  • Branding and user experience design
  • Digital commerce and fulfilment
  • Social media strategy and execution
  • Price positioning and promotion development
  • Data analytics
  • Sustained campaign development and promotion.

Investment decision support

Market entry, business foundations and sustainable growth

We help with
  • Support and guidelines for establishing terms of business
  • Business structures development aligned to growth objectives
  • Regulatory compliance and best practice in local markets
  • Support development of local teams and manage people/partners in designated markets
  • Sales, marketing, logistics and operational planning
  • Support and guidance for business structure arrangements (joint ventures, strategic alliances, wholly owned subsidiaries).


Robust and resilient market presence

We help with
  • Partner and network identification and recommendations
  • Contract negotiation support
  • Logistics and agreed terms of service support
  • Local market support with your chosen partners
  • Protection and monitoring for intellectual property, trademarks and brand equity
  • Business to business licensing and franchising arrangements.