Engineered products

Supplying stainless steel engineered components securing direct to manufacturing supply chains

“We are experiencing increased sales through third parties, with potential to significantly increase margin on core inventory components.”

Our solution approach;

  • Identified core range of products required Inc. specifications and drawings
  • Market research and audit of potential suppliers (local resources used to shortlist appropriate suppliers)
  • Tendering procedure for manufacture of core ranges
  • Site and manufacturing facility compliance review
  • Supply list and recommendations finalised for phase one sourcing.

Through an integrated approach to traditional outsourcing, the customer is able to focus its resources on a ‘business as usual’ basis


We act as an extension of our client’s procurement team, where we facilitate and manage:

  • Supplier communications, with Brands Group Trading acting as a conduit to offset geographical time zone and language barriers to ensure clarity of information
  • Order transactions, inventory management and forecasting based on open book costings and agreed fee levels
  • Logistics and delivery fulfilment to UK and European locations
  • Continued online inventory management and digital strategy development

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