Next generation packaging

Assisting a leading provider of packaging solutions in the United Kingdom and Europe.


We provide specification development, meeting requirements of retailers and packing processes, for on-shelf performance and compliance.

Our solution approach;

  • Product research and sourcing for a next generation PE based solution to replace BOPP / CPP and a portfolio of complex lamination materials
  • Site audits with additional internal certification reviews to ensure United Kingdom an European compliance with appropriate food standards
  • 6-month material testing and technical feasibility program for United Kingdom and European markets. Additional analyses were undertaken for a select group of larger retailers
  • Close liaison with customer’s UK sales representatives to support knowledge transfer, product adoption and progress monitoring in early trials
  • Contracts negotiated and signed including licensing and exclusivity for United Kingdom, Europe and Middle East


Technical information

“More retailers are setting objectives to only supply 100% recyclable materials, with a major focus on capacity to recycle in any given geographical jurisdiction.”


Outsourcing product research, procurement and fulfilment ensured successful outcomes, whilst enabling the customer to maintain focus on core operations with minimal disruption while we managed and facilitated;

  • Order transactions, inventory management and forecasting based on open book costings and agreed fee levels
  • Factory compliance management, logistical planning and coordination to ensure on time deliveries to United Kingdom and European locations
  • Supplier communications, with Brands Group Trading acting as a conduit to offset geographical time zone and language barriers to ensure clarity of information
  • Servicing of agreed reporting mandates.

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