Craft beers and whiskies

An established UK based brewer and distiller seeking expansion through export sales to markets in Asia.

“Speed to market is key, with the customers keen to engage in a long term strategy through a measured and controlled approach.”

Our solution approach;

  • Market analysis and panel testing to identify core range for market entry
  • Establishment of routes to market to serve and maintain brand equity
  • Registration of trademarks in target markets
  • Development of Chinese web content and social media strategy to complement soft launch of core range
  • Engagement and promotional activities with local partners
  • Develop staggered launch strategy incorporating digital sales and cross-promotion activities
  • New product development opportunities identified through consultative feedback

“Our clients place high importance on maintenance of brand equity and a sustainable growth path aligned to production capacity and iterative facility expansion.”


Speed to market was key, with the customer keen to engage in a long term strategy through a measured and controlled approach. Through ‘active research’ and consultation, we have worked with the customer to;

  • develop a market entry strategy that is consistent with its production capacity and steady expansion
  • manage all local communications, client and partner liaison
  • set expectations around volumes during early stages of market entry
  • identified product focus areas and commenced work on early stage product concepts for subsequent phases of export sales growth.

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