With a diligent approach to ensuring maintenance of business continuity and quality, we build sustainable and long-term partnerships.

“Best price is not always best value – real value is found in long term and engaged partners.”

Delivering value for our suppliers helps to secure long term investment and ensure maximum value for all parties.

With a focus on lasting relationships based on shared interest and mutual benefit, our procurement approach includes:

  • Market evaluation
  • Supplier selections
  • Implementation
  • Performance monitoring
  • Environmental and social impact
  • Strategic value


Our overseas procurement strategies - at a glance

Market evaluation

Delivery planning focussed on capacity, capability and stability

What we do
  • Reduced cost sourcing
  • Cost modelling for fees, freight, taxes, insurance and duties
  • Legal framework advisory services
  • Currency market monitoring for transaction stability and flexibility
  • Lead time planning (scheduling and funding of longer term sourcing activities)
  • Transportation and logistics – air and sea freight coordination
  • Payments, terms of service and supply chain support

Supplier selections

Successful and sustainable supplier relationships

What we do
  • Facility audit and standards compliance/certification review
  • Capability analysis
  • Face to face engagement
  • Understand production cycles, capacity and associated timeframes
  • Price point analysis
  • First phase quality assessments
  • Samples requests


Quality assurance, compliance and delivery capability

What we do
  • Trial orders (small volumes)
  • Administrative and transaction management (shipping documentation, customs and payments)
  • Sample/trial order production packaging and shipment
  • Pre-dispatch quality assurance and onsite audits
  • Delivery assessments
  • Fulfilment monitoring, quality assurance and reporting
  • Order management and forecasting

Performance monitoring

Supply chain improvement and reduced cost of sales

What we do
  • Production facility and infrastructure investment
  • Supply chain and distribution optimisation
  • Stock holding, production cycle management and logistics
  • Funding and terms of service negotiations
  • New product development support
  • Quality assurance monitoring
  • System integration, data analytics and reporting

Environmental and social impact

Ethical supply chain management

What we do
  • Review carbon costs of shipping
  • Assessment of packaging materials
  • Factory audits and spot inspections of production facilities
  • Local and international regulatory compliance support
  • Analysis of variable impacts of production processes on distributed workforces

Strategic value

Reduce risk and maximise investment value

What we do
  • Source appropriate partners who can add value
  • Maximise product life cycle through product development
  • Seek new product development opportunities through manufacturing advancement
  • Develop inventory strategies and stock holding plans
  • Ensure clarity and definition on investment decisions to support client objectives