Premium preserves

An established manufacturer of premium preserves seeking entry to new overseas markets.

“Through increased manufacturing capacity, the customer engaged in new product development for retail in overseas markets”

Our solution approach

  • Market analysis and panel testing to identify core range for market entry
  • Establishment of routes to market to serve volume requirement to maximise manufacturing capacity
  • Secure permits to satisfy local requirements for chosen target markets
  • Engagement and promotional activities with local partners
  • Develop ongoing marketing support strategy to further increase brand awareness
  • New product development opportunities identified through consultative feedback.

We developed a measured long term strategy, building sustainable routes to market and effective communication channels.


Supporting the client’s long term strategy development, we provided;

  • development of a market entry strategy consistent with production capacity and steady expansion
  • management for all local communications, client and partner liaison
  • advisory services for volumes during early stages of market entry, focused on products to deliver greatest advantage to the broader business
  • identification of product focus areas and early stage product new product development for subsequent phases of export sales growth
  • advisory services for licensed distribution through strategic partners.

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